Outfit Post: Cool Spring Day


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Last week I went by a few shops to pick up a couple things for spring. This top was one of my favorite finds! The shape is my new favorite and the print on this one’s super cute. As tends to happen in spring in Southern California, the weather goes back and forth pretty quickly between super hot and fairly chilly. The past couple of days have been on the chilly side, so this outfit was perfect.

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A Natural Allergy Remedy


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This time of year I am eternally at the mercy of the pollens in the air. Particularly when the weather goes back and forth between rainy/cold and warm/springlike as it has been lately, it feels like I got hit in the sinuses by a truck: I’m all stuffed up, I sneeze constantly, and my eyes get dry and itchy. There are usually at least a couple weeks that I end up taking allergy meds every day, but I really prefer a more natural remedy. Enter the above.

I got this Flower Friendly Tea from a truly fantastic natural herbal Etsy shop: Good 4 You. All ingredients are organically grown and most are grown in the shop owner’s own garden! The Flower Friendly Tea is formulated specifically to help with seasonal allergies.

Both from Good 4 You’s shop as well as other places, I’ve heard that adding local honey to your tea will help your system adjust to the pollens in the area more quickly, so I headed over to Whole Foods to see what I could find. Fortunately, I found Topanga Quality Honey: a super natural, raw, unfiltered, local honey. Best of all, at about $6 for the jar, it was affordable too! I was a bit worried I’d find only $30 jars of honey at Whole Foods. They had multiple varietals including clover, wildflower, orange, sage, and even avocado. I went with wildflower this time, but I may have to try orange or avocado next time I pick up a jar.

For the past few days, I’ve been brewing a cup a day with two generous spoonfuls of the honey and it does seem to be helping! Each day I feel a bit less sensitive to the pollens. The first day I brewed a cup, I’d been sneezing constantly the entire day even after taking my allergy pill and the next day I could function as a normal human being without the pill. I’d call that a win.

If you want to try it yourself, go ahead and order some Flower Friendly Tea and do some research to find local honey for your area. Hopefully it will help with your sniffles and sneezes too!

Sunday Funday: Mermaid Manicure


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So I realize I’ve been writing quite a bit about nail polish lately, but it’s just so fun! Case in point: this gorgeous color from Color Club. I spotted it at Rite Aid and figured I’d give it a try. Imagine my surprise when it was better than I ever could’ve imagined and may just be the nail polish I’ve been looking for my entire life without realizing it.

To give this manicure even more oomph, I decided to accent my ring fingers with the practically corresponding glitter color that I also picked up, Sinful Colors’ Nail Junkie:

So fun, right? These two look like they were made for each other and when I got a good look at that shimmer, I couldn’t help but think of mermaids.

I tried to get a couple good shots of the finished product, but it’s honestly tough to capture in a photo just how shimmery and fantastic this is! Plus for $7 total for the two polishes, it’s loads cheaper than going out and getting a professional manicure. Winner! Also great? Color Club is not only cruelty free, but vegan as well and Sinful Colors is also a cruelty free brand. Guilt free & gorgeous. ❤

Things I Heart


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Khaleesi Shirt & Targaryen Stein: The start of Season 2 of Game of Thrones has definitely reignited my love for House Targaryen. HBO has a bunch of awesome Targaryen items and these are two of my favorites.

Carmine Bracelet via Of A Kind: This recent edition from Of A Kind is just too fab. I would love to have one of each so I could stack them together!

Nail Polish (duh!): It’s pretty obvious that nail polish and I are having a bit of a moment and that Sinful Colors is kind of a new obsession. Even better? At Rite Aid right now (if you have their membership card), Sinful Colors polishes are buy one, get one half off, which means those four colors were a grand total of $6! They had a huge selection too. PLUS I got two coupons on my receipt, each for $2 off a purchase. It’s pretty great that Rite Aid is completely feeding my addiction.

Psychic City Earrings via ISWAS+WILLBE: My favorite jewelry designers on Etsy have another fantastic new creation in these Psychic City Earrings! Hand-cut brass, chunky black tourmaline, and vintage chain add up to some seriously fab earrings. I would be so happy to rock these for a night out (or several)!

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Treat Yo’ Self: Nail Polish Haul


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It’s no secret that I’m a nail polish fan. After all, the above is currently sitting on my bathroom counter and there are plenty more bottles tucked away in a drawer. I’ve been an avid Essie fan for quite some time, but a couple things have given me pause lately: 1. the price tag. $8 a pop adds up quickly. 2. I recently read that Essie’s been bought by L’Oreal (which I suppose explains why they’re suddenly everywhere), which breaks my heart because L’Oreal is a company that still does animal testing.

While the products in the Essie line aren’t tested on animals, it comes down to the ethical dilemma of supporting a parent company that does. It’s eternally difficult for me to decide whether supporting a company’s animal and eco-friendly brand sends a message that the consumer wants more of those standards or if it’s just further supporting bad practices. It’s a tough decision.

Enter Sinful Colors! At $2 a pop, 3-Free (aka Toluene, formaldehyde & DBP free), and cruelty-free, I may have a new favorite on my hands. I picked up (from left to right) Rise & Shine, 24/7, Dream On, Thimbleberry, and Let’s Talk. Yes, I also picked up Essie’s Shine of the Times – I’ve been lusting over it for months and haven’t been able to find a good dupe.

So far, I’ve tried two of the colors and I’m pretty darn happy with them! They’re true to the color in the bottle and while they dry a bit matte, I always use a top coat anyway, which shines it right up. Overall, I’d say you are absolutely getting more than your $2 worth for that little bottle.

I currently have Rise & Shine on my fingers with some little freestyle flowers. Such a fun spring combination and I love this green! Plus I got great coverage with only two coats, something I can’t say for a lot of Essie’s polishes.

This is the combination I currently have on my toes. Dream On is hard to capture in a photo – it’s much richer than this would indicate, almost a neon fuchsia. These two together are pretty ridiculous and I absolutely love it.

I’m glad to have found another brand that fits my ethical standards as well as my aesthetic ones! I may be switching my loyalties to Sinful Colors and China Glaze (another cruelty free brand). It just gives me more fun colors to discover!