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Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing completely for a while there. I spent about six weeks working on Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights and the schedule essentially took over my life. We did a bunch of fun things like going to Yosemite for five days where I snapped the above shot. THEN one of my very best friends got married on the 17th, so any spare time I did have kind of went towards that! It’s been crazy and fun and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Here’s Kim and I after her rehearsal dinner – bride and maid of honor! So basically with the show wrapped and Kim off on her honeymoon, I have quite a bit more free time at the moment. I’m hoping to use some of it to get back to the fashion, fun, and geekery formerly present here. I admittedly already have quite a few outfit photos piled up for posts and with Meli & Augi‘s visit for Comic Con only a few weeks away, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about! I hope at least some of you are still around to read it. xx Anika