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It’s no secret that I’m a nail polish fan. After all, the above is currently sitting on my bathroom counter and there are plenty more bottles tucked away in a drawer. I’ve been an avid Essie fan for quite some time, but a couple things have given me pause lately: 1. the price tag. $8 a pop adds up quickly. 2. I recently read that Essie’s been bought by L’Oreal (which I suppose explains why they’re suddenly everywhere), which breaks my heart because L’Oreal is a company that still does animal testing.

While the products in the Essie line aren’t tested on animals, it comes down to the ethical dilemma of supporting a parent company that does. It’s eternally difficult for me to decide whether supporting a company’s animal and eco-friendly brand sends a message that the consumer wants more of those standards or if it’s just further supporting bad practices. It’s a tough decision.

Enter Sinful Colors! At $2 a pop, 3-Free (aka Toluene, formaldehyde & DBP free), and cruelty-free, I may have a new favorite on my hands. I picked up (from left to right) Rise & Shine, 24/7, Dream On, Thimbleberry, and Let’s Talk. Yes, I also picked up Essie’s Shine of the Times – I’ve been lusting over it for months and haven’t been able to find a good dupe.

So far, I’ve tried two of the colors and I’m pretty darn happy with them! They’re true to the color in the bottle and while they dry a bit matte, I always use a top coat anyway, which shines it right up. Overall, I’d say you are absolutely getting more than your $2 worth for that little bottle.

I currently have Rise & Shine on my fingers with some little freestyle flowers. Such a fun spring combination and I love this green! Plus I got great coverage with only two coats, something I can’t say for a lot of Essie’s polishes.

This is the combination I currently have on my toes. Dream On is hard to capture in a photo – it’s much richer than this would indicate, almost a neon fuchsia. These two together are pretty ridiculous and I absolutely love it.

I’m glad to have found another brand that fits my ethical standards as well as my aesthetic ones! I may be switching my loyalties to Sinful Colors and China Glaze (another cruelty free brand). It just gives me more fun colors to discover!