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Note from Anika: It’s been quite some time since Kimba’s last post, but I hope to convince him to contribute more frequently. I think we can all agree that we greatly enjoy his scientific observations.

Sometimes Anika takes me on scientific trips of discovery to the rather magical place she calls the “back yard.” I live for these trips as it is through them that I make my most important scientific discoveries.

For instance, I do many studies on the effects of this marvelous thing I believe humans call “sunshine.” My greatest method of discovery is to lounge in a particularly potent patch of the stuff and roll myself back and forth in an attempt to confuse the sunshine. So far, I’ve only confused myself some, but I do find it strangely enjoyable. My good friend and colleague Marmaduke also seems to enjoy the sunshine quite a bit, so I make sure to observe his behaviors in addition to conducting my own experiments. I have observed that both of us have a great desire to rub our faces on surfaces warmed by the sun. It is very curious.

I also very much enjoy observing the various flora of the area, particularly as I hear that today is the first day of spring. The above purple flowers were of particular interest, as I had the opportunity to observe a bee flying about them and working at what I can only describe as a symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna. I do find it fascinating, though I keep my distance. I hear the little yellow fellows do not appreciate being disturbed at their work.

I believe my most important observation of the day is that spring is truly in the air. There is a scent of newness to the air, the pollen is thick as the flora renews itself, and I find myself drawn to the cool air and patches of bright sunshine. I do hope you enjoy this spring as much as I myself will. With that, I leave you with some photos of my further observations from today’s expedition and bid you farewell for now.

In Science We Trust,
Kimba McWhiskers