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Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Replica from Quantum Mechanix: If I had the $80 to spare right now, this would so be mine. What else could a girl with dreams of one day dressing up as a female Malcolm Reynolds want?

Scratch-Off Travel Map of the World: How fun is this? When you receive the map, every place is in gold and you scratch off the countries as you visit them! It’s sold out at the moment, so hopefully they’ll restock at some point.

Pretty Smitten Custom iPad Cases: These custom iPad cases from Pretty Smitten are seriously adorable. They come in a wide range of patterns & colors and put your monogram on your case! I so want one. They also do iPhone cases and a variety of other accessories. Pretty adorable stuff.

Harry Potter Wizards Collection Blu-Ray Set via SlashFilm.com: My actual reaction upon seeing this: “Ho. ly. Shit.” I’m sorry but I need this in my life. Yes, it’s a 31-disc Blu-Ray collection of the Harry Potter films. Yes, it’s kind of ridiculous. Yes, it’s damn expensive. Still need it.

Tarina Tarantino Nouveau Deco “Gorgian” Earrings: These are seriously fab. At $205, they’re a bit expensive, but with the carved lucite and gobs of sparkle, they’re still pretty fantastic.

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