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1. wearing purple 2. Kimba’s back yard adventure time
3. Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas 4. Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray (for cheap!)


an unexpected day of work this week (one is better than none!) ♦ a jam-packed weekend ahead of me ♦ meeting a legitimate film-maker in the comic book store and giving him my blog card in case he ever needs PAs ♦ said comic book store‘s half-off Vertigo sale (finally picked up Fables Vol. 1!) ♦ new friends ♦ old friends ♦ looking forward to various trips and events this summer (this year’s June/July has the potential to be so fantastic ♦ an excellent horoscope this week ♦ how insanely long my hair is getting ♦ kind, helpful people

What’s making you happy today, lovelies?