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Eco-Emi and Blissmo package subscriptions: Since first hearing about BirchBox and Fair Ivy, I’ve been interested in monthly package subscriptions, but Eco-Emi and Blissmo completely intrigue me as they’re focused on natural, organic, cruelty-free products. For the last several years, I’ve been committed to buying as many cruelty-free products as I possibly can (and I’d say about 90% of what I buy qualifies), but sometimes it’s hard trying out a new brand. Organic/natural brands can be expensive, so I think this would be SUCH a great way to try some of them out! Once I have a more steady income, I will definitely be picking up a subscription to one of these. (Also, I found out about these from Jessica, a blogger I’ve known forever, and she reviewed one of each package: Eco-Emi and blissmo)

Night Shade Leather Bow Cuff from Of A Kind: How much do I love Of A Kind? A lot! Same goes for this leather bow cuff.

RNA Strand Necklace by ISWAS+WILLBE: A necklace/wrap bracelet inspired by and as unique as a person’s individual RNA Strand? Be still my heart. So in love with these recent additions to ISWAS+WILLBE’s shop.

Dressy Wonder Woman Print by Hanie Mohd: This is just too fab for words. It also seriously makes me wish I could sew because I would rock that dress for Comic Con (or maybe in my normal life..) in a heartbeat.

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