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The update: this past Wednesday I officially wrapped on Q’Viva! I made some great friends and learned a lot, so I’ll miss it at least a bit. Fortunately, I’m sure I’ll be seeing and/or working with quite a few of them very soon. I had one day off and then bright and early Friday morning I hopped on a plane to New York City! I’m staying with my lovely friend Angela while I work for a week on the Project Runway All Stars After Show. My life doesn’t suck right now.

I got in late afternoon yesterday so Angela and I had time for a little fun! We went out for some awesome Thai food (and deadly mango martinis) at Joya and then stopped for some Lone Stars at Floyd NY before ending our night with some late-night nachos and a giggle-fest. Tonight promises to be more of the same and I may be exhausted tomorrow, but it’s all worth it!

’til next time…