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One of my favorite things from the current season of Parks and Recreation was Donna and Tom’s annual “Treat Yo Self” day. When they got Ben Wyatt to treat himself to a badass Batman costume, it made my day too.

So when, a week or so ago, I found myself in Bloomingdale’s with a friend after a dinner that included a rather strong margarita, it only made sense that I treat myself to this beauty…

On the one hand, it was a bit of an impulse buy. On the other, I’ve wanted a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch for at least a couple years. I’d also just gotten my first paycheck from Q’Viva and figured that was an occasion worth commemorating! So with all those factors at play, I came home with my lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs “Amy” watch, which is probably the first watch I’ve owned in about ten years. Since then, I’ve been wearing it every day and it really does come in handy on set!

This past weekend, I had Saturday off, so I decided to use part of the day to treat myself to a mani-pedi. I think the last time someone else did my nails was last March so I was long overdue! I headed down to Mimosa where I was greeted with a mimosa and informed that they’re having a special on OPI’s gel polish making it the same price as a regular manicure. I’d already chosen “My Private Jet” as my color and since that was available in gel form as well, I went for it! The above photo is after two days on set and, as you can see, there isn’t a chip in site. That’s pretty darn impressive! It’s supposed to last up to two weeks, so hopefully I’ll be giving you all a full positive review by then.

Those are my recent treats to myself! What have you all been doing to treat yourselves?