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It’s time for another themed edition of Things I Heart.
This time: it’s Whedon and it’s extra shiny!

Firefly Les Femmes & Les Hommes Poster Sets by Megan Lara at Quantum Mechanix: These posters in the art nouveau style of Mucha are utterly gorgeous. I picked up the Saffron poster at Comic Con last year because they’d said it would only be sold there, but I would love to pick up the rest and hang them as a set someday. That would be pretty epic.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quote T-Shirt at RedBubble: I think this shirt is seriously great. It covers quite a few classic moments from the series.

Malcolm Reynolds’ Pistol Replica at Quantum Mechanix: I’m hoping to put together an epic female Mal costume for myself and this would absolutely be a perfect addition to that venture!

Blue Sun Travel Poster Set at Quantum Mechanix: Another fabulous set of posters, this time of the notable locales in the Serenity ‘verse. Gotta love it.

Sunnydale High School Shirt at ThinkGeek: This one I actually own already, but it’s great enough that I had to share it. Wear it with pride!

Serenity Keychain at ThinkGeek: In a word, want.

Dr. Horrible’s Freeze Ray Shirt at Quantum Mechanix: To round things out, we should probably all freeze and go grab this awesome Dr. Horrible shirt (yes, I know that was bad).

Have any more awesome Whedon goodies to suggest? By all means tell me about them!