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Well dear readers, it’s officially here: New Year’s Eve! I’m very pleased to say that 2011 ended on a high note and things are certainly looking up for 2012. Tonight I’ll be spending my evening with my lovely friend Cassandra at her friend’s get-together and I’ve been assured that it will be a fantastic time. I’m very much looking forward to a fun little adventure that should start the new year off right!

I’m not one to make any huge resolutions because they seem to end up stressing me out more than anything, but I do have a couple goals for the new year:

  1. Keep working towards a career that I will actually enjoy.
  2. Continue enjoying life to the fullest.

I think that, with those two things in mind, I am in for a fabulous 2012. I intend to not let myself hit any roadblocks and to really follow my heart in the right direction to a happy, fulfilled life.

So with that, have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve, lovelies! & remember, (at least in Southern California), AAA is offering free “Tipsy Tows” if necessary. Happy New Year!