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Barbie Stack Pyramid Rings by nOir Jewelry: In a word, j’adore.

Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson book: So apparently Terry Richardson followed Lady Gaga around for a year of her life, attending more than 30 Monster Balls and taking over 100,000 behind-the-scenes images. The result? This book! The reviews I’ve seen so far are very positive and it’s going for just over half the cover price on Amazon.

Camera Lens Shot Glasses from Photojojo: Obviously these could be used as actual shot glasses, but I think the toothpick holder idea is particularly awesome.

Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton: Bonnie Burton is an editor/writer at StarWars.com for Lucas Film, which makes her totally qualified to compile this, in my opinion. It looks like there are some pretty great projects inside. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to make an R2D2 beanie?

BatGirl Cuff by nOir Jewelry: This is just too awesome for words. I want it in my life.

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