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This month in Instagram, all from left to right:

  • My first winter seasonal of the year, perfect avocados for guacamole, & a rainy California morning.
  • A visit to an awesome new bookshop: Mysterious Galaxy, sunset from a Palos Verdes cliff, & Redondo Beach from the top of the hill of death.
  • The first time I’ve seen 6am in quite a while, a portobello for my vegetarian Thanksgiving dish, & Kimba, of course.

new and/or favorite blogs of the month:

  • The Mary Sue: “A Guide to Girl Geek Culture.” They seem to write about anything and everything that can be considered geeky, from comics to Game of Thrones to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, all from the female perspective.
  • Girls Read Comics Too: “The Comic World From a Female Point of View.” A similar concept to The Mary Sue, but this one’s focused entirely on comics. One of my favorite things they do is a feature called “Women in Comics” that highlights female authors, artists, etc. in the male-dominated comic world.

movies and shows I watched & books I read:

  • In Time: I’ve heard some not-great reviews of In Time, but I was definitely entertained by it. I really had no expectations though, so I think that helped. The premise was interesting and I love Amanda Seyfried, so it worked for me.
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Let’s be honest here: even the actors know this is a completely ridiculous movie. However, I feel like if you know that going in and just accept it for what it is, it’s still pretty fun. My friend Kim and I had a couple drinks beforehand and I thoroughly enjoyed cracking up at bits that I’m sure weren’t intentionally funny.
  • A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: I’ll just say that this movie is exactly what you think it is, so if you think that’ll make you laugh, it will. Plus NPH’s hilarious musical number is, of course, a highlight.
  • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen: I haven’t read any of Jonathan Franzen’s other books to compare, but I thought Freedom was excellent. The entire thing is basically a character study of Patty and Walter over the entire course of their lives and by the end of the book, you feel as though you truly know these people. They’re messed up and flawed to the hilt, but I suppose that is what makes them seem real.

my favorite posts of the month:

Favorite Places: The Gentle Barn

Recipe Post: Broccoli, Mushroom, & Gouda Quiche

Things I Heart: TARDIS Edition

glorious things that happened and fun things I did in November:

completed my very first paid writing assignments for a couple blog posts (elsewhere) ; had the opportunity to visit the set of G.C.B. for a day and observe the process of filming a TV show, complete with my own director’s-style chair marked “guest” for the day ; spent a lot of quality time with my family, which is always excellent ; had Thanksgiving at my aunt & uncle’s house, complete with a round of Apples to Apples for the teens and twenty-somethings, our huge group all together, and even tofurkey ; went out for a fantastic dinner for my mom’s birthday, then home for red velvet cake – yum! ; officially busted out the Christmas music and movies

So here’s to December: one of my favorite months of the year! Try not to drive yourselves crazy.