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Fair Ivy: I stumbled upon Fair Ivy after reading about them from The Dainty Squid and I knew it was something I’d like to support or be involved with! Basically, Fair Ivy puts together surprise packages filled with fun goodies from local and/or handmade craftspeople. You choose what kind of package you’d like to receive or gift and then you subscribe for either one month or six months and fun packages turn up at the door each month! I’m also very pleased to say that I’m the newest member of the Fair Ivy team as their social media intern, so I’ll be making some contributions over there. In fact, my first post on Fair Ivy’s blog, The Surpriseaholic went up this week! We’re adding a “Things We Heart” feature over there as well to give people an idea of what they might find in their packages. 🙂

California Cutting Board by AHeirloom: What a fantastic addition to any kitchen! I would be so happy to serve a cheese plate on this baby. Plus what makes it even better is you choose where you want the heart to be located (obviously mine would have to be on L.A.) and if you aren’t a Californian, they do every other state as well!

Dark Horse’s Free Comic Book Day Picks: Is it a little early to be getting excited about Free Comic Book Day 2012? Probably, but it’s hard not to with publishers announcing some seriously great offerings! I adore Dark Horse and with Buffy, Star Wars, The Guild, and Serenity up for grabs, I so can’t wait.

“Lost” print by Jublin: I am such a sucker for some excellent geeky fan art and this so fits the bill. Between the boar Sawyer was obsessed with in season one to the polar bear to the contact phone number being “the numbers” (and a bunch of other awesome references), this print should have a place of honor in the home of anyone who’s been missing Lost.

Cell Phone Lenses from Photojojo: Photojojo blew me away again with this one! They make three magnetic lenses for your cell phone: Fisheye, Wide Angle/Macro, and Telephoto. What makes it even better is it’s under $50 for the set of all three! If you go to their site, they have examples of the normal camera vs. using the lenses and they really do make a difference. As someone who uses my iPhone’s camera pretty much constantly, I would absolutely use these. You can bet they’re on my Christmas list!

Links I Heart:

  • Victory for Belugas from The Center for Biological Diversity: With all the bad news for endangered species out there, it’s always nice to see a victory! After a decade-long battle to protect Cook Inlet beluga whales in Alaska, a federal judge finally rejected the state’s attempts to deny them Endangered Species Act protection.
  • Comic Caper from The Easy Reader: I forget exactly how I came across this, but it seems that Mike from The Comic Bug also fights crime! This story’s such a fun read. Mike and Geoffrey from Geoffrey’s comics caught a guy stealing boxes of comics from Geoffrey’s home and trying to sell them over at The Comic Bug. What makes it even better? Mike showed up to court in his Wonder Boy outfit.
  • The Diva Chain by Rich at FourFour: This one’s all about the video: Rich compiled clips of pop divas talking about each other (at the request of the interviewer). The only rule: the diva speaking in each clip must have been the subject of the prior clip. Hilarity ensues!
  • 3 Tips for Staying Motivated While Working from Home by The Dainty Squid: They may seem obvious, but these are tips I certainly employ myself!
  • Hero Complex’ Holiday Gift Guide: If you need help shopping for any geek-minded individuals in your life, this is one seriously comprehensive holiday gift guide.