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Due to my current limited income, I didn’t hit many Black Friday sales this year, but I did make it a point to check out the sweet deals at The Comic Bug! As you can see, I came home with quite a few excellent things: Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602 series for half-off the set price, the DC Showcase for Batgirl with 500 pages of her original 1960s appearances for 75% off, another set of Black Widow & The Marvel Girls, and a variety of comics from the $1 section.

Later that day, I saw on Twitter that Mike was in the store saying that all of the gift certificates he’d hidden hadn’t been found yet, so I figured I’d pop by to say hi and see if I could find one (I live less than five minutes away). Fortunately, he’d told me a couple weeks ago that Fear Agent is one of his favorite series, so I headed straight for the Fear Agent back issues and found a $25 gift certificate!

With my $25 I also picked up a random set of George R.R. Martin (!!) comics that I found called Fevre Dream, Volume One of Fear Agent  (naturally), and a few more single issues. It was definitely an excellent bonus! With that, here are the new comics I picked up for the week:

Aquaman #3

The ocean’s a pretty big place, buddy. There’re things out there you can’t even begin to imagine.

This issue opens with Aquaman and Mera still fighting the flesh-eating creatures of the deep. They eventually drive them away, but that doesn’t make anyone feel much better. Aquaman takes one of the creatures they killed to Mr. Shin, a man who helped him learn how to use his powers as a boy, but then tried to kill him when he wouldn’t reveal the location of Atlantis. Mr. Shin concludes the creature probably came out of a deep trench in the ocean, so that’s where Aquaman and Mera will be headed next.

I’m still intrigued by the story of this Aquaman series. Things are starting to piece together and it seems that more about the characters will continue to be revealed. I would really like to learn more about Mera, who fought equally hard against the creatures alongside Aquaman. Fortunately, the series has already scaled back the digs at Aquaman being the primary comic relief (though it does still pop up at least once). It was funny in the first issue, but it could get old if it’s over-used. Also, the art on the last two pages, with Aquaman and Mera diving to the deeps, is some of my favorite from the series so far!

Wolverine and the X-Men #2

Frankenstein monsters with flamethrowers. Okay, you got me. That’s a new one.

Issue #2 starts up just where Issue #1 left off: with the very ground seeming to rise up and attack, although the team first wonders if it was an earthquake. It quickly becomes apparent that it’s something very different. The new Hellfire Club throws some extreme curve balls at The X-Men and students in the form of, among other things, Frankenstein monsters with flamethrowers, but Iceman manages to bust out something completely extraordinary. However, with the monsters out of the way, a very old, very large foe looms ahead, ready to take The X-Men on…

The majority of this book is an extremely epic battle scene, but it still doesn’t feel lacking in any way. We get a glimpse at interactions between Wolverine and Iceman when Wolverine tells him that he’s going to need something amazing from him and, later in the book, Iceman busting out something very much amazing. The school inspectors that were going to be problematic seem to have enough of their own issues to deal with that perhaps once the school is rebuilt again, they won’t be writing any negative reports. The new Hellfire Club remains entirely evil, a couple of romances are being kindled, and several snarky one-liners are thrown in to boot. Basically, you still get all you want out of a good issue. I’m loving the artistic stylings of Chris Bachalo and this issue’s cover by Bachalo & Tim Townsend is particularly epic.

Moon Knight #3

I want to make the world better than the way I found it, and I know you do too.

We open the morning after Moon Knight has inadvertently blown Echo’s cover. He wants to team up and she’s understandably wary, as she thinks he’s mostly insane. We then get a glimpse at Marc Spector the creator and producer of a popular television series, complete with an assistant who doesn’t seem to think much of the show. We also learn that Marc has hired former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Buck Lime as a consultant on the show who also does some side projects for him. Marc brings him the Ultron head he prevented from being delivered and, after seeing more of their prior interactions, Buck concludes that it is, in fact, the real Ultron head. Their next mission is to find out who wants it and why.

Moon Knight continues to be one of the more intriguing series I’ve read. The whole might-be-insane aspect of Marc Spector certainly lends an interesting angle to his interactions with other people, whether that’s trying to convince Echo to meet him for a Pink’s hot dog (an L.A. reference I loved seeing in there) or dressing up in the guise of an assassin to test the loyalty of his new employee to whom Marc’s revealed his secret identity. They all deem him to be more than a little crazy, but they still want to help him. It will be interesting to see what goes down when Snapdragon’s Night Shift comes after Moon Knight.

The Flash #3

That was kind of awesome.

Central City is in blackness after some kind of electromagnetic pulse knocked out every bit of electronics within a twenty-mile radius. This means all kinds of mayhem, so it’s a good thing The Flash is there to speed from one crisis to another. First, we get a glimpse at some of the more advanced powers he’s developed as he vibrates the molecules of a crashing airplane on an atomic level so the plane passes right through a bridge and lands safely. Then, he’s corralling escaped zoo animals before rushing off to whatever the next task might be. The next morning, he’s at a meeting of the police department when Patty tells him she might have a lead on Manuel. They go off looking for him (on horseback, since all electronics are still down) and find him in an enclave of his clones. We leave off with things looking pretty grim for Barry.

Would you blame me terribly for saying this book went by in a…flash? Because it did! So much happened, but it’s paced in a way that I couldn’t believe I was already at the end. We get our first glimpse at Manuel’s military history and why there are so many clones of him running around: it seems the military did a sort of regeneration experiment on him. Additionally, there’s mass chaos in the series so Barry/The Flash is doing his best to help with that. We also got a seemingly random peek at scientist Darwin Elias looking for the source of the electromagnetic pulse and coming across what appear to be some very bad dudes. I’m sure that storyline will tie into things more in the coming issues. I still think this series features some of the more creative page layouts from The New 52 and I love the way they’ve chosen to illustrate Barry tapping into the speed force with his mind. We’ll just have to see what he can do about his little predicament at the end of this issue.

& as a bonus, how could I resist a Barack Obama comic book? Seriously. It was just too good to pass up. Did you all brave any Black Friday sales? If you did, what was your favorite find? I’d love to know! 🙂