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I like to think of Thanksgiving as a day to remember all the blessings that we have and to try to forget about whatever worries plague us. When life throws you a few curve balls, it’s easy to focus on the negative, but that’s really no way to live. For this blog’s first Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a pause to reflect on the many things in life to be thankful for.

With that in mind, I am thankful for…

My wonderful family, who I would be lost without. Thanks to my parents, in these past few economically difficult years, I have had a roof over my head and food on my plate, when that may not have been possible on my own. We may drive each other crazy sometimes, as I’m sure most families do, but I’ve lived my entire life surrounded by a family full of love and that’s worth just about everything. My brother is honestly one of my best friends and I’m so grateful that he’s home now as well. It’s like I have a built in friend to talk to, hang out with, and laugh about the stupidest things together. My extended family is such a blessing as well. I know every day that I’ve been lucky to grow up surrounded by these people who love me unconditionally.

My fantastic friends. I’ve also been lucky to have so many amazing friends in my life and, while many of them have moved out of California (or never lived here in the first place), I still know that I have this wonderful support system all over the country. I have friends I can tell anything to, act however I’m inclined around, and just be myself completely with. I know that it makes me a happier and stronger person having people like that who accept me as I am and want me in their life just that way.

My kitties! Kimba and Marmaduke are daily joys in my life. Where else can you get such truly unconditional love and affection? Days are just better when you start them by waking up with a purring cat curled up next to you.

The chance to start over. Sure, there are days when it’s difficult to find the positive side to being suddenly unemployed and living at home at the age of twenty-seven. But you know what? There are so many worse problems I could be having. I’m doing my best to look at this as an opportunity to find something that I truly love to do and pursue it. If I was out on my own with rent to pay and mouths to feed, that really wouldn’t be an option. Plus it’s admittedly nice sleeping in on a weekday every once in a while.

So many other things. I am thankful for so many parts of my life. As much as I feel like I’m in a transitional time in it, it’s a life that I’m happy with and I don’t know many things I’d rather be able to say. I am thankful for friendship, for creativity, for good hearts, and for good food. I’m thankful for wonderful stories, for the internet, for book stores, and for shopping on a bad day. I’m thankful for sparkles, for Disneyland, for high heels, and for extra dirty martinis. I’m thankful for my iPhone, for unicorns, for magic, and for Harry Potter. I’m thankful for health, for happiness, for nature, and for the universe. Most of all, I am thankful for music, for laughter, for joy, and for love.

So with that said, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that yours is wonderful and that you all can find so many things in your own lives to be thankful for. ❤