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You may have noticed that I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my Fit and Fabulous posts for the past few weeks. Fortunately, I haven’t been entirely ignoring my fitness routine, but it’s certainly been lacking a bit.

I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, so my motivation took a bit of a dive. The good news is I’m working on fixing that! The other good news is that, what with being stricter with the budget due to my current financial situation, I have cut my Starbucks visits down to once or twice a week instead of almost every day. So even though my workouts haven’t been as frequent, I’ve lost about three pounds!

With the holidays coming up, I think it’s so important to make it a point to fit in some kind of fitness routine, so that’s what I intend on doing. At the very least, I want to do my three Couch-to-5K workouts per week. That should help combat all the mashed potatoes and champagne in my near future!

Do you all have any tips for staying motivated and healthy during the holidays?