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This week’s Things I Heart has a theme: Doctor Who & The TARDIS! I’ve mentioned before that I’m watching the series and let’s face it: it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) in which to travel through time and space?

TARDIS iPhone Case: Red Bubble is an insanely awesome resource for all things geek where independent artists feature and sell their work. I want this TARDIS iPhone case so much it’s not even funny.

Doctor Who TARDIS NASA shirt: Also from Red Bubble, this Doctor Who x NASA shirt is truly fantastic as well.

Doctor Who TARDIS 4-Port USB Hub: Organization of my electronics all via a TARDIS that can live on my desk? Yes please!

The Little Blue Box print: I’ve been a fan of Nan Lawson‘s lovely illustrations on Etsy for a while now, mostly due to her literature-inspired prints. I was looking through her shop the other day and noticed Ten jumping from the TARDIS in all his glory! I would love to have this adorn my walls.

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