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This month in Instagram, all from left to right:

  • First Row: October 1st beach day, rain clouds, & my little Goober.
  • Second Row: Elizabeth Taylor’s tiara, my Merlotte’s tee, & Urban Light at LACMA.
  • Third Row: Simple Triangle Manicure, Me as Baby Vamp, & a lovely horse named Magic at The Gentle Barn.
  • Fourth Row: Kimba in his Halloween/Christmas outfit, a Dave’s Olde Book Shop stop, & my Hello Kitty vampire pumpkin.

Well, October sure went by in a flash! Halloween was a blast and now Thanksgiving and then Christmas are upon us. I’m looking forward to it (confession: I’m watching Elf right now), but let’s look back for a minute.

new and/or favorite blogs of the month:

  • One Girl No Diet: I originally discovered Jessica’s blog via Tumblr and she’s primarily moved it over to the site now. She writes about body image, personal style, healthy living, and all sorts of things in her “refreshingly unapologetic” style.
  • Green Kitchen Stories: A wonderful vegetarian foodie blog. The pictures and recipes are exquisite and they have a lovely story to accompany each post.

movies and shows I watched & books I read:

  • 50/50: What a truly lovely film. There aren’t too many movies that can make me laugh and cry in equal measure, but this is certainly one of them.
  • Real Steel: Real Steel was so much better than I anticipated. I saw it after hearing positive things & thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  • Spoiled: The first book by my celeb blog favorites forever: The Fug Girls! Their debut young adult novel was an excellent combination of sweetness & snark, just like them.
  • Doctor Who & The X-Files: Still working my way through both of these excellent series.

my favorite posts of the month:

Sunday Funday: Quick Outfit Post & Kitties

Outfit Post: Jessica Hamby
Sunday Funday: The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor

New Comic Wednesday: October 26 (I know this hasn’t been my most popular feature, but I’m really enjoying writing up the weekly reviews!)

glorious things that happened and fun things I did in October:

had a start of October beach day complete with Mexican food & margaritas ; went to the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor exhibit with my mom ; went to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA again before it ended ; attended two excellent Halloween parties with lovely friends ; officially registered my anikaguldstrand.com domain ; went to The Gentle Barn with my family, which was such a lovely experience & I’ll be making a post about it soon ; spent the day of Halloween with my family carving pumpkins, handing out candy, & watching Rocky Horror

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and October. Here’s to a fantastic November!