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This year for Halloween I decided to dress up as everyone’s favorite baby vamp: Jessica Hamby from True Blood. She’s pretty fantastic and one of my favorite characters on the show!

With that in mind, I wanted to get the look just right. Fortunately I come by the mixture of sweetness and sass naturally. 😉

Honestly, it isn’t the easiest thing ever posing for photos with fangs.

To make myself Jessica, I’m wearing:

I loved wearing this costume! I still felt cute but didn’t have to buy one of the awful “sexy ____” costumes they always have for women. Plus it was one of the most comfortable costumes I’ve ever worn. A t-shirt, comfy shorts, and sneakers? My feet have never been so happy! I’ve worn it to two Halloween parties so far (which have both been fantastic) and I had a blast at both. The fangs always seem to be a hit!

Even vampires need their lip gloss! Happy Halloween. ❤