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This week I decided to try out The Dainty Squid‘s tutorial for Simple Triangle Nails. I love the look and it seemed simple enough. Turns out: it is and it’s one of my favorite manicures I’ve tried so far!

Tools of the trade: Essie’s Rock Solid base coat, Turquoise & Caicos, Power Clutch, & Good to Go top coat along with my files and some Scotch tape.

First off, I took off my old polish and shaped my nails to my liking. Then I applied my base coat followed by my base color. It’s worth noting that I love the color you get with Turquoise & Caicos, but it took three full coats before I got the level of coverage I wanted, which is a bit much in my opinion.

Once the base color is completely dry, you cut twenty small strips of Scotch tape. Use two per finger and criss-cross the strips in order to create your triangle pattern. Do this one finger at a time. Paint with your second color over the exposed bit of nail, then immediately peel up the strips of tape. Do this on all ten fingers, put on your final top coat, and you’re done!

I’m so glad that The Dainty Squid posted the original tutorial for the manicure. I think it turned out fun while still being chic and I can’t wait to try out other color combinations!