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Buffy Season 9: #2

Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang are continuing to deal with the fallout from The Seed being destroyed at the end of season 8 and, as per usual, there’s a looming “something” that will soon be coming after Buffy. I love the Buffy/Spike moments in this issue, the hints of trouble-in-paradise with Xander and Dawn (because that pairing still creeps me out), and the introduction of a new male slayer who’s just a little different. Oh and, naturally, Buffy is now Public Enemy #1 and has to find a way to prove she isn’t. That’s our girl!

Dollhouse Epitaphs: #4

First off, can I just say how much I love Phil Noto’s cover art on this issue? It’s pretty fantastic. I think Epitaphs so far has been such a great way to expand on the Dollhouse universe. I’m glad to see, in reading the letters and responses in the back of the issue, that there will most likely be another series once this run has finished. As for this issue, it feels like we’re being set up for something big. Alpha is trying to reign in his crazy with help from Paul Ballard and then Trevor (our child super-soldier), a group of survivors is planning on taking down the tower, and there’s a whole “neuropolis,” or “city of minds” built up around Rossum Headquarters. Plus we finally get our reappearance of Echo. It’ll be interesting to see how this arc ends up next time in the final issue of this series!

Superman Action Comics: #2

This issue definitely drew me in more than #1 did, so I’m glad I decided to continue with the series. Issue #2 opens with Superman in the clutches of and being tortured by Lex Luthor and the US Army. It seems they want to know just how much torture he can withstand and it appears to be quite a bit. Since Lois Lane’s father is a General, she turns up to ask him just what he’s doing with Superman and eventually runs into him as he exits an elevator. There’s also a small ship that appears to recognize him and quite the impressive escape from the army compound. I also love that the art directly references the original Superman comics from the 30s. The throwback is great.

The Flash: #1

This is another issue I picked up after reading good things online but that I know relatively little about. Right off the bat, I was drawn in with environmental discussions between scientists, then banter amongst evil minions regarding who has to attempt slowing down The Flash. Basically, I always appreciate the humor in my comics. I also really enjoy the style of Francis Manapul for the art on this one. Beyond how visually great it is, the page layouts are original and interesting & I found myself staring at a frame based on the perspective alone more than once. Coming in completely blind, I got a good enough understanding of The Flash’s backstory to enjoy the issue without feeling completely lost. Quite a few characters are introduced in a way that doesn’t feel forced at all and the story, even just in the one issue, is intriguing. The twist at the end easily clinched it that I’ll be picking up the next issue.

Batgirl: #2

As you may recall, I was completely on board with Batgirl after #1 and nothing’s changed after Issue #2! She’s still grappling with getting her superhero chops back and we’re officially introduced to the current big bad: Mirror. Through a bit of detective work/research on Barbara Gordon’s part, we find out he was a fed and war hero who miraculously survived a car fire while the rest of his family burned to death. Now he’s looking to to undo any other “miracles” that may have happened, which of course includes Barbara Gordon’s sudden ability to walk again. Additionally, we get another good scene with Barbara’s new roommate, Alysia, who I’m liking more and more with each appearance as well as Barbara’s love interest, Gregor, who is also her physical therapist. & naturally, we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger until the next issue.

Avengers 1959: #1

I picked this issue up on a whim since I generally like the 1950s/1960s retro vibe. It’s admittedly a bit confusing at first as a whole bunch of characters are introduced at once, but once I sorted out who everyone is, I could get into the story more. I like seeing Nick Fury doing his thing in the ’50s and the story itself has potential: The Avengers of the time have effectively gotten rid of the last remaining Nazis…or so they thought. They part ways after a “we did it” sort of celebration and they each find they are separately under attack by people who should be long gone. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes, especially since the preview image suggests zombies are involved.

X-Men Regenesis: One-Shot

Who will side with Wolverine and who will side with Cyclops? This one-shot issue can essentially be summarized in that one sentence. The entire issue is just about who chooses what side in the Wolverine/Cyclops split. They make it interesting by interjecting images of a sort of tribal fight between Wolverine and Cyclops beasts with growing forces behind them. There are a few surprises, but essentially, we’ll get to the good stuff with Uncanny X-Men #1 and Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

Also, has everyone seen The Avengers trailer that came out yesterday yet? Because if not, you should probably get on that…