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After last week’s write-up, I decided I like this idea of writing up little reviews for the issues I pick up each week. I also feel like I should preface it with the fact that I’m in no way an expert on comics and honestly, reading them every week like this is still fairly new to me. I’m excited to learn more about characters that have been around for years and discover some new ones as well! Hopefully some of you will enjoy reading these little write-ups as well. 🙂

This week didn’t have many issues of titles I’m already in the midst of, so besides X-Men: Schism #5, I grabbed several more of The New 52.

Superman #1: I really like the start of this Superman story. Clark Kent is upset that The Daily Planet has a new building and is bringing itself into the digital age via a buyout from The Globe. I love a Clark Kent in a printed comic (that I’m sure has also been published digitally) making a passionate defense for the printed word. One of my favorite bits is that the main arc of the story is also narrated by what is obviously Clark Kent’s completed news story on Superman’s latest exploits (which, naturally, ends up published in print in the newspaper).

Lois Lane has a boyfriend who isn’t Clark Kent, a big job in the new company partnership, and is generally a refreshing female character in the world of comics: one who stands on her own two feet, takes care of herself, and is valued as much for her brain as for anything else. Throw in some humor and an outer-space fire monster and it seems like a good start to the series.

Superman Action Comics #1: My loyal comic book store dude actually threw this one in for me because he thought it was one of the best of The New 52. It did make for an interesting read! This one brings Superman closer to the 1930s origins with him being more of a regular guy who just happens to have superhuman strength, but the city officials are rather suspicious of him. Lois Lane works for a rival paper and her father, General Sam Lane, has brought in Lex Luthor to help him wrangle Superman and so he, quite literally, throws a speeding bullet (train) at him to see what happens. Should be interesting.

X-Men Schism #5: Not too much surprised me in the close of this five-issue run. We already knew Wolverine and Cyclops were going to be butting heads in a big way and this issue opens with a pretty brutal fight between the two of them. Honestly, this issue felt a bit anticlimactic after how great the first four have been, but it certainly sets up the series to come well and I still really enjoyed the run as a whole. I’m looking forward to where the X-Men-verse will go next! They’ve obviously set themselves up with a fresh start.

The Dark Knight #1: To tell you the truth, this one didn’t really stand out much for me. I kind of forgot about it as soon as I closed the last page. It does feature some good narration from The Dark Knight himself on the origins of fear throughout and it’s setting the series up for some epic bad guys with a mass breakout from Arkham Asylum, but that’s about all you get out of issue #1.

Batman #1: I know: Batman is separate from The Dark Knight? Believe it or not, there’s also a third title called Batman Detective Comics, which I didn’t pick up this time around. I had to ask for a little clarification between the three and essentially the response was just that they are each their own storyline. So there’s that.

Fortunately, this issue grabbed my attention more readily than The Dark Knight #1 did. It opens with Batman fighting some of the same villains and waxing poetic on what Gotham City itself is rather than the origins of fear. The focus is more on Bruce Wayne working to do good for the city and what he believes it can be rather than showing Bruce Wayne with a buxom babe on each arm. I generally appreciate that. In the end, we’re left with a brutal murder and a message that Bruce Wayne is next. Intriguing!

Batgirl #1: Going in, I admittedly didn’t know much about Batgirl or the lore associated, but I’m always one for girl-power and I’d read a few positive comments about Issue 1 online, so I picked it up. Plus I was pleasantly surprised to see that for her uniform they actually put her in flats – imagine that! I am eternally puzzled when comic book creators don’t seem to realize that even super heroes would probably have trouble running all over the city in giant heels.

Any comic that features a group of killers who carry around a scrapbook of their prior crimes to show victims who they are before killing them has to have some good potential, right? From what I gather, Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) spent the past several years in a wheelchair after a shot to the spine. In this new storyline, she has somehow miraculously recovered and is just beginning to spread her crime-fighting wings again. Naturally, there are some struggles with that. It’s one of the most unique premises I’ve seen for a superhero arc, the first issue showed more in-depth characterization than most, and I have to say: I’m really digging Batgirl.