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This month in Instagram, all from left to right:

  • First Row: hitRECord’s RECollection, a Tokidoki Unicorn, & various Starbucks compilation albums.
  • Second Row: “policeman breakfast” aka coffee & a donut, me sporting some earrings I’d forgotten about, & a dandelion lamp at Ikea.
  • Third Row: Marmaduke & his buddy Yoshi, me in my new jacket, & my delicious extra dirty martini from happy hour.

Can you believe it’s October already? Holy cow! (Fun fact: I looked back at my August in Review post and I started it the exact same way, but that kind of cracks me up so I’m leaving it). All manner of pumpkin goods are already lining the shelves, Halloween will soon be upon us, and autumn is in the air (as much as it ever is in California). So with that in mind, here’s September in Review:

new and/or favorite blogs of the month:

  • Curvy Chica: Rosy (of Accidental Sexiness) started a new blog focused more on fashion & style and I’m loving it!
  • Les Paradis Artificiels: I think I originally discovered Marta’s blog quite some time ago through a random image search and recently rediscovered it. It’s fantastic! She’s a fashion industry girl living in Paris and really has some great, original insights.
  • The Concerns of Mindy Kaling: Okay, so this one’s only just launched, but I’ve wished Mindy Kaling was my BFF for quite some time, so I’m super excited about it. She’s responsible for some of my favorite episodes of The Office, she consistently cracks me up on Twitter, & she basically just seems like an awesome chick.

my favorite posts of the month (by others):

  • Call of the Jungle: Leopard print retrospective for fall!
  • A Dang Engagement: Okay, so it’s a video and not a blog post, but my friends Ang & Dave got engaged this month, he caught the whole thing on video, and it’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, go watch.
  • 10 Things That Cheer Me Up: I love MaDonna’s idea of sharing things that cheer us up! I’m sure they can help someone else on a bad day.
  • Myths and Facts About Paris: A Parisian girl in the know breaks down the fact and fiction anyone visiting the city should know.
  • The Mean Girls’ Mirror: How back-handed compliments hold us all back. aka stop looking at the flaws and see what’s beautiful about you!

my favorite posts of the month (of mine):

movies and shows I watched & books I read:

  • Our Idiot Brother: I really enjoyed this film! Was is the best I’ve ever seen? No, but I was entertained the entire time and Paul Rudd really got to shine in it. Plus Zooey Deschanel & Rashida Jones play a sort of hipster lesbian couple and that was kind of great.
  • The Office (UK): I’d actually seen most of the series before, but when I noticed the whole series was on Netflix, I had to do a rewatch! Ricky Gervais is so brilliant.
  • Drive: While Drive was far from a lighthearted film, everyone’s performances were excellent, the pacing was perfect, it took risks, and it left you thinking about it long after you left the theater. Plus the soundtrack is fantastic.
  • Paul: I believe we watched this later on the same night we saw Drive in the theater since we were looking for a little comic relief. It certainly did the trick! The story was cute, Simon Pegg’s always great, and I was pleasantly surprised when Kristen Wiig popped up.
  • The Lion King: Okay, clearly I had seen The Lion King. But! I hadn’t seen it in 3D and I can’t even remember if I’d seen it in a theater (though I probably did), so it was absolutely a treat.
  • The X-Files: Yet another show that popped up on Netflix and I dove right into! I know I saw a few episodes years ago, but I definitely never watched it consistently. I’m actually only in the middle of the third season now, but I’m completely loving it.
  • As for books, I stuck to my comics for the most part, though I’m still working through Clash of Kings.

glorious things that happened and fun things I did in September:

  • My brother turned 23 and we all went out to The Counter for his birthday. Delicious burgers, good beer, and fun times with the family.
  • I went on a super fun friend date with Cassandra to AdJam 2011. What a fun night! Great music, great people, my first time wearing a cute new dress, and a photo booth. What more could you ask for?
  • Went to a Batman & Batman Returns double feature at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Those I know I never saw on the big screen and they are still so much fun.
  • My nana was in town for about a week around my brother’s birthday, so we all had a lot of fun family time, including going out to dinner for my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary. Gray, Nana, and I also played some excellent games of crazy eights.
  • Went to Cinespia’s last screening of the summer: E.T.! Watching on the side of a building drinking beers & eating snacks in the middle of a cemetery surrounded by hundreds of people. Gotta love it.
  • Had multiple lovely beach days to enjoy the end of the summer. Also: ate ice cream, drank martinis & margaritas, & treated myself to some Mexican Food every once in a while. ❤
  • I passed 2500 views on this blog! That’s so fantastic and I can’t thank you all enough for reading. 🙂

September was another great month! I’m looking forward to autumn: I’m always happy when the weather cools down a bit. Here’s hoping that October is even better!