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For anyone who might not know, every week for the past eighty years or so, new comics have been released on Wednesdays. I do realize that today is Thursday, but I ran out of time to put this together yesterday, so here goes! Besides, I wanted to read the new issues so I could throw some reviews up.

Yesterday morning, I made my stop over at The Comic Bug and picked up: Angel & Faith #2, the 25th Anniversary edition of Buffy S9 #1, Dollhouse Epitaphs #2, Aquaman #1, X-Men Schism #3 & 4, and Wonder Woman #1. I may be trying to locate another of those Missoni milk crates soon!

X-Men: Schism #3 & 4

“Death to Mutants” is trending on Twitter. That can’t be good.

Basic Schism Synopsis: The Hellfire Club’s been taken over by wealthy savant 12-year olds. Cyclops and Wolverine are fighting. Centinels have been launched all over the world. Just another day in Utopia.

I’m far from an expert on the history of the X-Men comics, but I enjoyed Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men so much that the dude at The Comic Bug gave me issues 1 and 2 of Schism to read on one of my previous visits. After reading, I went back for 3 and 4! There’s actual character development, witty dialogue, fantastic art, and the natural animosity between Cyclops and Wolverine. What more could you want?

Angel & Faith: #2

If I avoided people who want to kill me, I’d never leave the house.

As I’ve said before, I’m an unabashed Whedon fangirl. It can’t be helped. However, even without that, I think Angel & Faith has had a fantastic start. With the death of a certain much-beloved character in the Buffyverse at the end of season 8, Angel & Faith have now teamed up and are working together to deal with it and continue this character’s work.

Naturally, issue 2 brings plenty of banter, miscellaneous pop culture references (“Geez, you still on Friendster too?”), demon blood that can grow back limbs, and even…a demon fight club. Oh and did I mention vampires are still considered celebrities ever since Harmony started doing reality tv? I love you, Joss. I truly do.

Dollhouse Epitaphs: #2

I’m starting a new policy. We kill all tech.

For those who don’t know, Dollhouse was yet another short-lived Whedon series. In it, the wealthy could pay for “dolls,” or people who had been wiped free of their personality and consciousness, to be imprinted with whatever personality and traits would please the client best. In Epitaphs, this technology has gone viral, essentially turning most of humanity into either mindless killers or people who create more of the technology that will wipe those few with their own minds still in tact.

Alpha, a formerly super-bad guy, is now one of the primary good guys (…or is he?). A kid is a super-soldier. Everyone’s trying to find Echo. & of course, the evil Rossum corporation is building an army. Stay tuned…

Aquaman: #1 (The New 52 reboot)

Aw, hell…what’s Aquaman doing here? We’re not in the ocean and I don’t see any fish around.

I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz about DC’s The New 52, which has begun to launch reboots of all kinds of classic comic book characters. As a relative newb to the comic world, I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to jump in with some classic characters. One of the first I went for was none other than Aquaman!

I’ve always enjoyed the general design of the Aquaman character, even without knowing much about him. It seems like they’re trying to give him a bit more badassery with this reboot. I’m on board with that! There are super-evil bad guys rising from the depths of the ocean as well as Aquaman’s hot, red-headed mermaid girlfriend (no, I don’t think her name’s Ariel). They also have Aquaman directly address the jokers offering him glasses of water when he’s on dry land and sitting down to order a meal in a seafood restaurant (fish and chips, in case you’re wondering). I like my super heroes with a sense of humor. Plus it never hurts that the art’s shiny and gorgeous. Basically, I really like this start to the story of Aquaman. They address that he’s been the butt of a joke. He addresses it too. & he’s not too pleased.

Wonder Woman: #1 (The New 52 reboot)

There is a storm gathering just beyond the horizon and the one responsible shall rule in fire.

Right away, this is a darker Wonder Woman universe than I would have expected. In the first pages, some kind of evil births itself out of a horse’s neck after decapitation via scythe and centaur assassins burst into a pregnant woman’s home. Not exactly lighthearted.

Hermes appears only to be (im)mortally wounded and the pregnant woman’s child? Oh yeah, the father is Zeus and it would appear that one of Zeus’ other children isn’t too happy about it. Also, fun fact: It would appear that Diana sleeps in the nude. I’m very interested to see where this one goes.

Last weekend I went to a screening of Batman & Batman Returns. Before the films started, LA Times Hero Complex’s Geoff Boucher interviewed Michael E. Uslan, one of the producers of the films (among many other things). One thing he mentioned that stuck with me was that he once taught a class on comic books as modern mythology. Judging by my recent purchases, I would say that theory stands. I can’t wait to delve in further.