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I have a smorgasbord of Things I Heart this week! Perfect for a Sunday Funday.

Missoni for Target Media Box & Scarf + Kimba1. First up: additional Missoni for Target finds (photobombed by Kimba, naturally)! I was in Target the other day and happened to notice a couple Missoni for Target items strewn throughout the store, mainly the media boxes (one of which I wound up buying) and the pumps. Other than that, they were one-off items, including one of the scarves I’d hoped to get! It seems like people are starting to return some things, so I’d definitely keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in Target.

Missoni for Target Media BoxHow pretty is the print on this media box? I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for, but at about $10, I felt like I had to pick it up on principle. I was pretty excited when I got home to discover it’s a perfect size for my comics!

Missoni for Target Media Box + ComicsMissoni for Target Scarf DetailI was so happy when I spotted this scarf!

2. Posts I Heart:

X-Files on Netflix3. One of my favorite things to do is find a show on Netflix instant and marathon the entire thing. Right now I’m watching The X-Files from start to finish and I am SO loving it. How did I not remember how great this show is? I’ve actually never watched the entire thing, so I’m completely enjoying it.

Drew Barrymore at Cinespia's E.T. Screening4. Last night I went to Cinespia’s last screening of the season with a group of people and it was such a blast! Every summer, they do a series of film screenings in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Last night they screened E.T. and before the movie started, Drew Barrymore popped up to introduce it! L.A., I love you. Drew was super cute and excited too. It also made me realize how long it’s been since I actually watched E.T. and it’s still pretty fantastic.

We had about eight people all lounging on blankets with a picnic, wine/beer, and a sea of other film enthusiasts surrounding us. What a fab event. I just wish it wasn’t the last screening of the year!

Essie's Tart Deco5. I picked up Essie’s Tart Deco the other day and threw a couple coats on before running out the door last night. What a fun color! It reminds me of cantaloupes and summertime. I may still add some polka dots or something, but it holds up on its own just as well. What’s your favorite color of the moment?