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These Fit & Fabulous posts always seem to sneak up on me! In some ways, a week takes forever, but in tracking fitness, they fly by. That said: I almost made my goal this past week. I fit in three of the four workouts I intended. Nana (my grandmother) was in town for most of the week, so the majority of my free time that I’d be working out was spent with her!

So with that in mind, I weigh the exact same I did on the day I posted last week, which I’m actually okay with since we ate out a lot while my nana was here. The measurements I’m sharing are now at:

  • Bust: 39.25″
  • Waist: 30″
  • Hips: 42.625″

I’m down another 0.625″ since last week so at least things are still mostly going in the right direction! Slowly but surely can be fairly frustrating, but at least that’s the way you get weight off and keep it off. Starting this week, I have another tool that’s going to be helping me with my progress: Jillian Michaels‘ app and website! Thanks to Klout, I’m starting a free 3-month membership. Hopefully I’ll be able to take full advantage of that in addition to what I’m already doing. How are you all doing on your goals?