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(photo via Pinterest)

It’s definitely time to get back into my Fit & Fabulous routine! I slacked off last week due to girl issues, but now I’m working on getting right back on track. I was going to post this yesterday, but the Open Letter to Target clearly needed to be posted right away.

Anyway, last week I set a goal for myself to work out three days and I’m only somewhat ashamed to admit that I just managed to fit in two. Oh well – it happens to the best of us! Fortunately I’ve done a pretty good job jumping right back in. I’ve already done a couple butt-kicking workouts this week thanks to my Nike Training Club app, including the Jeanette Jenkins‘ Hollywood Ab Blast, which is a bonus workout I downloaded this week. Let me tell you: it’s not messing around!

So yesterday, I weighed myself and updated my measurements. I haven’t lost any more weight but my measurements keep going down, so hooray for that! The ones I’m sharing are now at:

  • Bust: 39.5″
  • Waist: 30″
  • Hips: 42.75″

This means I’m down another 0.75″ since the last time I published my measurements (including the others I take) and down 3.75″ total in the just under a month since I’ve started keeping track. Not too shabby, I’d say! Plus on my last outfit post, my lovely friend Meli asked if I’ve lost weight, and that is always an excellent motivator!

This week, I’d like to get back to working out at least four days. Also, I am still sticking with my plan to not set any numbers on the scale as goals. However, it is good to have a goal in mind. I bought two nice pairs of shorts before my trip to Jamaica in March, which no longer fit how I’d like (before the trip I did a crazy cleanse and lost 12 pounds very quickly). So right now, my ultimate goal is to fit back into those rather adorable shorts. See you next week, fit & fabulous ladies!