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Dear Target,

Hi there. We’ve met before, but it’s worth saying again that I’m a big fan. For the past few years, I’ve been a particularly big fan of your fabulous designer collaborations. Like the vast majority of the blogosphere, I was extremely excited about your Missoni for Target collaboration. I even wrote a post about it a month or so ago choosing my favorite pieces and what I hoped to find.

This morning, I woke up and headed for your store! I suppose I must have been very misguided to believe that at 10:30am on the day the collection was released, there would be more than a few picked over pieces left in the store. I don’t think I underestimated the popularity of the collection. I think I forgot to factor in the people who wait outside the store before it opens, fill a cart as high as they possibly can, and then return home to sell everything on eBay. This is what I found of the Missoni collection:

In case you can’t tell, none of those dresses in the photo on the right have anything to do with Missoni for Target. There were zero pieces left. Just like in housewares in the photo above that.

That’s right: the bit of women’s clothing I was able to find was a few stray pairs of socks. Target, I know that you are a corporation and your primary objective is to sell everything and make money. I know that, but couldn’t you consider putting a limit on how many of each piece a person can buy? Limit two per person or something of the like, at least for the very first day. I’d imagine you would still sell an insane amount of each collection but perhaps your loyal shoppers, like myself, would actually be able to find the pieces they want two hours after the store opened on the first day the collection is released. Shouldn’t we be the ones to purchase the items we want rather than those who are just buying up everything they can grab in order to sell them on eBay?

Case in point:

Target’s site? Overloaded & sold out besides.

eBay? Full of a ton of results, already marked up at least $100.

I still love you, Target. I do. But I think this is a problem.


P.S. By the grace of a girl in the store who was carrying around the last two pairs and bestowed these upon me, I did actually find the flats I wanted! For anyone who spots them, take note that they run big. I usually wear an 8 or 8 1/2 and these are a 7 1/2! In the words of Reverend Steve Newlin, “Praise his holy light.”