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(image via Mama Grubbs Grub)

This week’s Fit & Fabulous is going to be a little different! Let’s just say when you’re feeling bloated, you don’t exactly want to step on a scale or take measurements around your middle. So instead of my usual update, I thought I’d share a couple other bloggers who have been inspiring me with my fitness:

  • First up is Candace, otherwise known as Mama Grubbs! For the past year or so, she has been working like crazy on eating right & exercising and, if I remember correctly, she’s already lost over 30 pounds and she looks amazing! She’s definitely been an inspiration to me and hopefully she can be to some of you too.
    • I first met her through her Tumblr. She has all kinds of fun things on there, including fitness inspiration, lots of retro stuff, Star Wars, etc: MamaGrubbs
    • She has also created a fitness-specific Tumblr with all kinds of updates and inspiration: HealthyMamaGrubbs
    • Finally, she also has her food blog, which she fills with all kinds of delicious-looking healthy recipes: Mama Grubbs Grub
  • The other lovely lady I want to feature is Kelly-Anne, otherwise known as Tiny Tangerines. She recently had an adorable baby boy and is now working hard to get back in shape! She’s also making weekly updates and it’s great having other bloggers around working on similar goals to help stay motivated.
    • I first met Kelly-Anne through Tumblr as well thanks to all the girly, fun, adorable things she posts, especially her crazy-awesome manicures: Tiny Tangerines
    • She is also running a great blog that includes her weekly fitness updates, also called: Tiny Tangerines

So if any of you out there are looking for additional motivation, those two ladies are definitely two to follow. For a little update, I did accomplish my goal last week of working out four day. Admittedly, one of those days consisted of just push-ups and crunches, but I always say something is better than nothing!

This week I’ll probably be taking it easy thanks to a heatwave coupled with my current bad timing, but I would still like to work in at least three workouts. I’ll see you all next week!