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This month in Instagram, all from left to right:

  • First Row: SDCC swag, view from the house my aunt & uncle rented in San Diego, & a new beer favorite: Firestone’s Solace.
  • Second Row: Kimba being lazy, the bike path where I’ve been biking and walking, & Mr. Marmaduke.
  • Third Row: Ikea instructions from helping Cassandra build her shelving unit, photo of me from before a first date that went very well, & my friend Kristy’s wedding.
  • Fourth Row: A margarita on another date (“When the ice melts, it’s like second drink!”), lamp posts from Urban Light at LACMA, & an avocado I turned into guacamole for taco night.

Can you believe it’s September already? Holy cow! I love how The Dainty Squid does a monthly review so I’m trying one out myself. 🙂

new and/or favorite blogs of the month:

  • Me! MaDonna!: One of my online BFFs for years – MaDonna recently started a blog filled with all kinds of fun things. She lives in Minnesota, crochets, and loves kitties.
  • Melificent: Another of my online BFFs who is now a real life BFF. She writes about “all things fashionable, fun, festive and fangirl” and her blog has been one of my favorites for quite a while!
  • New York Angela: My lovely friend Angela recently started a blog about her “life as a new New Yorker.” I’m excited about it!
  • The Fashionable Esq: I was introduced to The Fashionable Esq. through Meli! Hers is a great personal style blog filled with fashionable goodies and lovely photos.
  • The Inbetween Girls: “I’m Not Skinny But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Fat.” Bianca has that awesome slogan and does some very fun fashion posts.

my favorite posts of the month:

movies and shows I watched & books I read:

  • Star Trek: The Original Series: I’d seen episodes here and there, but never the entire thing from start to finish! I’m still mid-season 3, but I’m loving the camp and I might have a bit of a crush on Captain Kirk.
  • Doctor Who: Another sci-fi series I’ve been meaning to watch forever! Fortunately, someone I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with is willing to re-watch it with me. We’ve finished up the first season with the ninth doctor and have just started up with the tenth doctor. Exciting stuff!
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The cast was great and Ryan Gosling: where do I get one? Plus Steve Carell = fantastic.
  • Fright Night: I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but it was quite entertaining. David Tennant was the best part!
  • Sidenote: I kind of can’t believe I didn’t finish any books this month! That’s certainly not the norm and I guess I’d better get on it.

glorious things that happened and fun things I did in August:

  • Well first of all: I started this blog in earnest! I’d been thinking about it for ages and kept putting it off for various reasons, but I’m so glad I jumped right in. I’m really enjoying putting my posts together and getting your feedback. I’m excited to see where it’ll end up. 🙂
  • Spent fun times with friends: split a very large margarita & saw Crazy, Stupid, Love with Cassandra; had a very fun happy hour in Manhattan Beach with my friend Kim; a beach day with Cassandra including a late lunch at the Urth Caffe where I spotted Danny Pudi aka Abed from Community; and also had another great time with Cassandra when we drank large amounts of wine and built her new Ikea shelving unit!
  • Went to San Diego for a couple days with my family since some of our East Coast relatives were in town! Thoroughly enjoyed our time down there and the fantastic view. Played a great game of Taboo.
  • Started a real push to get a fitness routine going that I can stick with, which I’m documenting with weekly Fit and Fabulous updates.
  • Started dating someone who is pretty great, I must say!
  • Kristy got married! The wedding was a fabulous time and she looked so gorgeous. Also, after the actual wedding was over, those of us staying in the hotel next door hit the pool with an 18-pack and wound up at Denny’s afterwards, so good times all around.
  • I had another glorious day with my family when we went to LACMA for the Tim Burton exhibit followed by dinner afterwards! That was definitely one of my favorite outings this month.

Overall, I’d say August was excellent! I always enjoy the summertime. There’s something about it, even though I no longer have a real summer vacation. I have a feeling September is going to be fabulous as well. 🙂