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Here’s something fun! Every so often, I’ll be featuring some Things I Heart. Today those include packages in the mail and good bargains. Who doesn’t love those, right?

First up is a pretty fantastic necklace from Cupcakes & Mace. My lovely friend Melificent has been a fan of her jewelry for ages and I’ve kept an eye on the shop for quite some time. One night, I saw a necklace on there that I absolutely could not resist! It arrived on my door in the above little package (inside a mailer envelope, naturally)

Now technically their “Ag Super Nerdy Silver Mirror Necklace” is the chemical symbol for Silver. However, AG also happens to be my initials! Clearly, I could not pass that one up. The quality’s great too and she was one of the best-communicating Etsy sellers ever, so I’ll definitely be purchasing from her again.

The other fabulous thing I got in the mail was the first set of Stickygrams that I ordered! I’ve been kind of obsessed with the Instagram app for quite a while, so I was super excited when I found out that Stickygram prints the photos you’ve taken via Instagram on little magnets!

They arrive all in a sheet that you then separate into the little individual magnets! They’re a little smaller than I expected them to be, but I think that’s better for the fridge or wherever else you may be putting your Stickygrams anyway. I’m also happy with the print quality, their customer service was super helpful, and I definitely want to order some more!

An Instagram photo of my Stickygrams. How meta am I? πŸ˜‰

So this last bit is really kind of a love/hate item on the list. I absolutely love a good deal (who doesn’t, right?) but it makes me insanely sad that Borders is about to blink out of existence. The first time I went in after I found out they were going out of business, I was barely able to choose anything because I was on the brink of tears the entire time I spent in the store. Yes, really.

However, the second time I went I was able to handle it a bit better – maybe because the discounts were deeper! I found three books that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while and my total was lower than the original price of one of them, so I was pretty happy with my purchase. If you’re looking for some deals, I’d head to Borders before it’s too late.

That’s right: my savings were more than my total! Fantastic. I went home with: The 20th Anniversary Edition of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Music Listography: Your Life in Playlists, and Mad Men: The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe (yes, I do appreciate the irony of using the Amazon links for these).

I’ve been meaning to read Outlander for ages and had coincidentally been looking at this edition online that very same day. It’s a beautiful edition and I picked it up for less than half price!

If I had to choose a favorite independent publisher, it would be Chronicle Books: hands down. They publish so many fantastic, quirky things and they’re so hard to resist. They’ve been making these Listography books for a while. I already have the original Listography as well as Love Listography and I’d been wanting this one for a while, so I was very excited to get it at a discount.

I can’t even remember how long I’ve wanted this Mad Men book! The illustrations and entire presentation are so spot-on and the overall aesthetic is just my taste. Plus it’s been so long since we’ve had new Mad Men that this is the perfect thing to hold me over! I also spotted Sterling’s Gold and was tempted to pick that up as well, but held off. I may make one more trip over there before the final closing and I’ll have to check if it’s still there.

So what things do you heart this week?