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Whoops! I kind of let my normal Fit & Fabulous day get by me this week. I still wanted to acknowledge it, but this’ll be a short one. As far as my goals for last week, I did pretty well again. I wound up doing five days of workouts rather than the four I set out to do, which is pretty awesome. I didn’t quite make every other day on my crunches and push-ups, but with five days of workouts, I’m not too concerned about it.

I’m actually up half a pound. However, my measurements as of today are at:

  • Bust: 39.75
  • Waist: 30
  • Hips: 43

Taking into account those and all the other measurements that I don’t actually post, I lost another .875″. So although my weight did go up slightly (which I’m fairly convinced is due to excessive drinking followed by 2AM Denny’s on the night of my friend’s wedding this past weekend!), I have still made progress on the measurements.

This week, I started off kind of slow, but yesterday I got back into the swing of things with a great session via my Nike Training Club app. So my goal for this week will be to, again do some kind of workout on at least four days.

How’s your progress going, my lovelies? ❤