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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA with my parents, brother, cousin Mike, and his wife Nicole! It was such a treat and we all had an excellent time. I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton and his films for just about as long as I can remember, so it was great seeing the evolution of his style via all kinds of different mediums.

Besides the Tim Burton exhibit, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is a treat in general! Right now, they have a neat installation outside called “Urban Light” by Chris Burden, which is made up of Los Angeles area street lamps from the 1920s.

Being sneaky!

Also outside, they had an exhibit called “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” by Ai Weiwei, which consists of twelve bronze animal heads: one for each of the Chinese zodiac! Those were pretty fun too.

My brother and I doing our best bear faces.

My actual symbol in the Chinese Zodiac is the rat!

I wish I could show you some of what was in the actual exhibit, but unfortunately, photos weren’t allowed. I’ll just say that there were so many different, fantastic things that it’s hard to describe. They had everything from sculptures to videos to sketches to paintings to polaroids to costumes (like the Edward Scissorhands suit and hands) to actual models used for The Nightmare Before Christmas. There was so much to see that I’m sure I’ll need to go again in order to retain it all!

Naturally, I dressed up a bit for the occasion in my favorite Burton-inspired outfit. The cardigan in particular has always reminded me of Tim Burton a bit, so this exhibit was the perfect opportunity to wear it! I wore:

  • Striped Cardigan: Ella Moss
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers
  • Dress: Cotton On (aka the Australian H&M. It’s kind of great)
  • Necklace & Rings: My usual
  • Sandals: O’Neill

Our whole group outside the exhibit!

In lieu of all the photos I would have taken inside the exhibit, I picked up the exhibit book from the gift shop!

When we went back outside, we were very happy to discover that the Urban Light exhibit actually lights up when it gets dark! So lovely. Also, we decided to go to Ray’s and Stark Bar for dinner, which was seriously fantastic. I’d never been in there, but I’ll certainly be going back. The waiter told us all about how they are very focused on local, organic ingredients, that they have an herb garden behind the restaurant, and that they have an actual “forager” whose name is Dragon – I kid you not. Also, our place settings were housed in little drawers in the table and they also had some delicious speakeasy style cocktails. I had an Opera and greatly enjoyed it. Plus my halibut was pretty much perfect and we ordered a potato side dish called “butterballs,” which I’m sure you can imagine was great. I’d definitely recommend stopping by there, even if just for cocktails and an appetizer, next time you’re at LACMA!

’til next time!