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After I made my last post, I realized a couple things:

  1. I probably should have mentioned the blue dress on sale is not part of the Mad Men collection. Unfortunately since the collection just came out, I’m sure it won’t be in the sale section for a while!
  2. After thinking about it and getting several comments confirming my thoughts, I realized I should absolutely buy the blue dress in the larger size and take it to the tailor for alterations. If I’ve learned anything from What Not To Wear, it’s that alterations are always an option!

My mom went with me to the store and while I was changing into the blue one, she spotted the same dress on the sale rack in a print too! Long story short…I got both. As a bonus, Banana Republic had an extra 25% off their sale items, so that blue beauty went from $130 to $32 and change after tax. I love me a good deal.

As you can see, right now the top is a little loose (mainly because the straps are super long) and the waist sits a little low. So today I went over to the dry cleaners we’ve been going to since before I was born (seriously – the lady likes to tell me how she remembers my mom going in when she was pregnant with me) and they’re going to get it taken care of! In about a week when I get the dresses back, I’ll be posting Adventures in Alterations Part 2. I’m fairly excited to see how it turns out. The most I’ve done up until now is have something taken in or hemmed, so here’s hoping they’re perfect when I pick them up.

❤ Anika