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Well hello world! I’ve been thinking about starting this blog in earnest for ages and kept putting it off for various reasons, but tonight after a few beers, I’ve decided to just jump right in. From here on out, this will be the place for thoughts, adventures, geekery, and anything else I feel like writing about! I hope you’ll join me. 🙂

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been eagerly awaiting Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection. A friend of mine whose opinion I trust went over there yesterday and reported that (surprisingly) the fits just weren’t quite right. Naturally, I had to find out for myself, so I headed over to Banana Republic today. I’ll start with the one I liked the best:

This little off-white number was adorable! It also fit fabulously, but the hem was wonky. Even the girl working there admitted it was one of the first things she noticed. The hem of the liner is not meant to show like that, particularly when it’s only in certain spots.

Leopard Coat TrioActually, this leopard trench was kind of adorable as well. It may be I’m more on board with this collection than I was allowing myself to believe. It helps to think none of it was that great when all of it’s out of your budget!

Blue Dresses

These two were heartbreakers; let me tell you! The blue dress on the left was slightly tight across the bust/shoulders, then made weird indents in my hips where the pockets are (as you can see). That middle photo is the face of frustration because I almost hit the jackpot with the dress on the right. That beauty was on sale for $40 instead of $130. The color was perfection and I have a wedding I’m going to in a couple of weeks it would be perfect for. Problem was: in one size, it was a little too tight in the hips, but when I went up a size, it was all kinds of loose in the top. Sad face.

Leopard Pumps LoveLet’s on a happy note though, shall we? These beauties are magnificent. They were out of my budget for today too, unfortunately, but I will be back for them.

So those are my adventures in the world of the Banana Republic Mad Men collection! How about you all? Have you tried any of the items on? Did you have any weird fit issues or end up buying anything? Let me know!

❤ Anika