Things I Heart


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DIY Macrame Bracelets via Honestly WTF: Seriously, every time these girls post a bracelet tutorial I’m blown away. These are gorgeous and I will so be trying this out at some point.

Martini Sueded Studded Loafers by Jeffrey Campbell: I’ve seen some great “smoking loafers” lately and I’m seriously loving this wine-colored, studded version. I’ve never been one for loafers, but there are so many awesome versions lately that I may be a convert. Continue reading


Birthday Manicure


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I came up with this fun little manicure for my birthday and it’s absolutely one of my favorites of the last few months. It came together so nicely!

Supplies Used:

  • Sinful Colors’ Cinderella – this color has been hyped on a lot of nail polish blogs and I do have to say it’s lovely. It took a few coats, but it’s so pretty in the sun.
  • Revlon’s Gold Coin – this is my favorite metallic currently. In fact, I have it on my nails now as an accent to Essie’s Fear or Desire (which I got for free as a Klout perk!) and it’s a pretty fab combo.
  • Milani Jewel FX in Gems – this is another new-to-me cruelty free drug store brand that I bought on impulse and I was very happy with the results! A fun multi-color glitter.

Birthday Outfit / DIY Flower Crown


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Wow, it really has been a while. My birthday was April 30th and to celebrate I decided to spend the day at the beach with friends. Naturally, I put together a cute little outfit, which included this fun project: my hippie-ish birthday crown! Despite this post being a little behind, it was just too fun not to share.

Continue reading

Oh hey I totally have a blog…


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Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing completely for a while there. I spent about six weeks working on Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights and the schedule essentially took over my life. We did a bunch of fun things like going to Yosemite for five days where I snapped the above shot. THEN one of my very best friends got married on the 17th, so any spare time I did have kind of went towards that! It’s been crazy and fun and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Here’s Kim and I after her rehearsal dinner – bride and maid of honor! So basically with the show wrapped and Kim off on her honeymoon, I have quite a bit more free time at the moment. I’m hoping to use some of it to get back to the fashion, fun, and geekery formerly present here. I admittedly already have quite a few outfit photos piled up for posts and with Meli & Augi‘s visit for Comic Con only a few weeks away, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about! I hope at least some of you are still around to read it. xx Anika

Things I Heart


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Sorbet Drop Earrings by Rocks Paper Metal: How pretty are these earrings? Rocks Paper Metal’s Etsy shop is filled with pretties, but I think these are particularly awesome since I just won a pair from The Fashionable Esq! I’m so excited for them to arrive.

DIY Flower Crown via Green Wedding Shoes: How fun is that? I have no idea when I’d have occasion to sport something like this, but I guess you make the occasion.

The Cabin in the Woods: I knew there was a high probability I’d love The Cabin in the Woods, but now it’s at the point where the more I think about it, the more I love it. Hopefully I’ll be going to see it again soon!

The Dainty Squid’s Painted Cat Brogues by Pony Chops: The shop has some seriously fantastic custom shoes but the pair they painted for The Dainty Squid take the cake! Kitty shoes! I’m in love.

Spring Clover Crochet Headband by hi tree! Another of my favorite Etsy shops recently added a bunch of new items and these headbands are my favorites. I definitely need one of these to sport this spring.

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